I've always been obsessed with stories. I created comics as a kid, got my start in print journalism, then became obsessed with audio narratives. I started my first podcast when I was just 21, and called it Get Me On This American Life. That little podcast launched me into a career that led me to actually working at This American Life just a few years later. There, I reported, edited and mixed radio stories and often produced entire shows.

Before TAL, I helped create the national radio show Snap Judgment. My work has been showcased on podcasts like Reply All, 99 Percent Invisible and Radiolab, and I'm a regular performer in Pop Up Magazine. Altogether, I’ve been working in radio for almost a decade.

I occasionally work in video.  I co-produced a video series for TAL that was nominated for three 2016 Daytime Emmys, and won an Emmy for Best Directing, Special Class. I've also acted as a lighting director, story editor and 2nd assistant director on episodes of Snap Judgment Live.

A driving force in my stories and the way I choose to tell them is my commitment to diversity in all forms. I believe that American journalism should be truly representative of America, in terms of class, race, age and gender--I wrote about it here.  I believe in improving the technological accessibility and shareability of podcasts, so more diverse audiences can better engage with audio as a medium.  I speak on my commitment to diversity and accessibility nationally and internationally.

That commitment is why I hosted an Audio Hackathon to try and figure out how to make audio go viral. This American Life then chose one of the most promising ideas from that Hackathon, and developed it into Shortcut, a web and mobile app that makes it easy to cut and share audio from our entire archive. I was the project lead for Shortcut, overseeing its production and funding from ideation to design to launch.

I am currently working on writing a book that’s part memoir, part journalistic research into Complex-PTSD.

You can learn more about me on my LinkedIn, if you like.