I tell stories. I’m currently a producer at This American Life. Usually I’m producing, reporting and editing radio stories. But sometimes I do other stuff too...like producing a video series for TAL that won a 2016 Daytime Emmy. I also created and hosted an Audio Hackathon to brainstorm new ways to make audio go viral and to reach new audiences. From that Hackathon came Shortcut, which makes it easy to cut and share audio from our entire archive. I was the project lead for Shortcut, overseeing its production and funding from ideation to launch. 

Before TAL, I helped create the national radio show Snap Judgment. My work has been showcased on Pop Up Magazine, Reply All, 99 Percent Invisible and Radiolab.

I’ve also created a few podcasts. My first, Get Me On This American Life, launched me into a career that led to me actually working at This American Life just four years later. My latest podcast, Pilot, allows me to come up with a new podcast concept in each episode.

I am a vocal advocate for diversity in all forms. I believe that American journalism should be truly representative of America, in terms of class, race, age and gender--and I wrote about it here. I also believe in diverse storytelling formats. Podcasting is a genre that begs to be explored--in terms of fiction, game shows, reality programming, and instructional shows. I believe in ease of access, and improving the technological accessibility of podcasts, so more diverse, younger audiences can better engage with audio as a medium.  I speak on my commitment to diversity and accessibility nationally and internationally.

Off the airwaves, I'm also interested in how storytelling can be used as a tool for good--from the classroom to the courtroom. I'm available for storytelling and podcasting consulting.