I tailor each of my presentations to my audiences, but I perform dynamic, engaging keynotes and speeches. Some of my more popular speeches include talks  on diversity and technology in journalism. I also am an expert on how to find stories.  I produced almost 200 stories in the four years I worked at Snap Judgment, and am frequently the pinch-hitter story-finder at TAL. One of my old bosses used to say, "If you need a story, just Foogle it." I've helped dozens of journalists find and sell their stories in pitch panels over the years, and can help you find yours.  


“How to Find and Pitch Great Stories,” PRX, 2018

“Diversifying Public Radio,” ABC Radio Australia, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, 2016

“How Do We Make Audio Go Viral?” Tecnopolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015

“Customer Slurvice,” Dozens of locations around the world, Pop Up Magazine, 2016-2019


Vassar, 2016

Columbia, 2016

CUNY, 2015, 2016


Weeklong radio storytelling course, Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, 2019

Yale’s THREAD Storytelling Conference, New Haven, 2016, 2017, 2018

"Asian Americans in Media" Panel with George Takei, New York, 2017

AAJA (Asian American Journalists’ Association) Conference Pitch Panel: 2017, 2015

Berkeley J-School Pitch Panel, 2016, 2015

Third Coast Pitch Panel, Chicago, 2016

BinderCon, New York, 2015, 2016

"Launching Shortcut" Panel, Columbia, 2016

Tow Fellows Lunch, Columbia, 2016

Columbia J-School Audio Renaissance Panel, Columbia University, 2015

Alaska Press Club Conference, Anchorage, 2015

Audio Hackathon, New York, 2015

JAWS (Journalism and Women Symposium), Whitefish, MT, 2015

Transom Story Workshop, Cape Cod, 2015

Soundcloud's TechRaking Four, San Francisco, 2013

“Musicians’ Tribute to Public Radio,” Noise Pop Festival, San Francisco, 2012


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